VST Design

The Music Society Synth (GUI A.Ortmann)
The Music Society Synth (GUI A.Ortmann)

Feature List:


3 OSC - Two Main OSC and one SUB-OSC - switchable in seven 
Waveforms ; all of them are working with a new fatness 
technology for a thick and bright sound! The SUB OSC is slaved from OSC 1. Tunings for OSC Mix  and 2 x PW, OSC OCTAVES CONTROL in 3 
Steps: +1, 0, -1. SUB OSC ON/OFF
MONO ON/OFF - Switch
LFO switchable to seven waveforms; Tunings for Rate and MOD 
Depth; switchable to 2 destinations: Filter Cutoff and PWM, 
Tempo-sync switchable
2 ADSR - Envelopes  - VCA and VCF
Filter Section with an 9-step Multifilter: LP1, LP2 HP1, HP2, 
Moog, LP with Resonance, HP with Resonace, Bandpass with 
Resonance and Band Reject with Resonance. Tunings for Cutoff 
and Resonance.
FX - Section with Chorus, Tunings for Rate and Mix
Pitchbend Range Button, tuneable from 0 to 12 semitones
Vibrato with tuning for Depth, could be used with the MOD Wheel on an external Keyboard
Main Volume Tuning
Display for Octave Tuning, Monomode, Pitchbend Range, LFO 
Destination, LFO Waveform and LFO Mode
All Controls on the panel with MIDI-Learn-Function!
Windows only, but not tested with Win7 64bit!

Tested on Energy XT, Cubase, Reaper, Mulab 

Works perfectly with the BCR2000 Midi Controller

Charisma Blue Edition (GUI-Design by A. Ortmann)
Charisma Blue Edition (GUI-Design by A. Ortmann)

Charisma Blue Edition



4 OSC, switchable in 7 waveforms2 of them are Sub-OSC. All of them are working with a new fatness technology for a thick and bright sound!
4 x Fine Tuning, 2 x Pulsewidth and 2 Knobs for the Sub OSC Levels, 2 Multimode Filters, switchable in 1,2,3- Stage LP,/HP 1,2,3 - and 1,2-Stage Moog Filters (with Resonance)Tunings for Cutoff and Resonance2 VCF ADSR and 2 VCA ADSR Envelopes, 2x Main Out, 2 LFO-Sections, tuneable in Rate and Depth; switchable into 3 Destinations: Filter Cutoff, Pulsewidth and OSC. 2 MOD-Secuencers, either with 16 Steps, tempo-synced, swithable in different Beats and 6 Destinations, Polymode, Mono-mode, Pitch Bend Range, Retrigger,Portamento, Delay, Flanger/Chorus and many, many more..

Charsima Light Vst

2 OSC - switchable into 7 waveforms - both working with a new fatness technology for a thick and bright sound, Controls for Octave, Fine Tune and Pulswidth, 2 seperate ASDR VCA Envelopes, 2 separate ADSR VCF Envelopes with a multimode filter each; cotrols for 8 switchable Filter Types: 1-2-3  Pole Low Pass, 1-2-3 Pole High Pass and 1-2 Pole Moog Filter with Resonance Control, Stereo-Effektsection with Delay and Chorus; Chorus (with Feedback working as Flanger); Delay is also switchable as tempo-synced, This Unit works in Real Stereo Technology; you can set different sounds on each channel!

(GUI-Design by A. Ortmann)


Free Download on Music Society


Update: 30.06.2013