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wo es in erster Linie um die Erstellung von GUI für VST Plugins geht. Und in zweiter Linie bereits vorhandene VSTs, in 3D-Modelle visualisiert wurden, bzw. noch visualisiert werden.


D-Wave Vsti
D-Wave Vsti
SynthSeq8 Vsti
SynthSeq8 Vsti

An old school combination with Sequencer & Synthesizer.
Make your own music with the feeling like Tangerine Dream, 
Jean Michel Jarre or Klaus Schulze. 

2 Oscillators, switchable in 7 waveforms, Fine Tuning, Pulsewidth 
and 1 Sub-OSC. And you can also switch to FM Synthesis. 
All of them are working with a new fatness technology for a thick 
and bright sound!

1 Multimode Filter with Tracking and Resonance
1 VCF ADSR and 1 VCA ADSR Envelopes.
Switchable Poly-mode, Mono-mode
1 LFO-Section, tuneable in Rate and Depth; 
switchable into 3 Destinations: Filter Cutoff, Pulsewidth 
and VCA with Sync Button.

Special Feature ist the 8-Step Sequencer with values for
Octave, Note, Velocity, Lenght and Filter cutoff! 
It works excactly tempo-synced, switchable in different Beats. 
SynthSeq8 was designed to be used with Behringer BCR 2000

The SynthSeq8 Demo have only a liitle noise after 10 seconds

Try before buy SynthSeq8... 



The Music Society Synth (GUI by A. Ortmann)
The Music Society Synth (GUI by A. Ortmann)
Charisma Blue Edition
Charisma Blue Edition

Charisma Blue Edition (Donationware)


(GUI-Design by A. Ortmann)


4 OSC, switchable in 7 waveforms2 of them are Sub-OSC. All of them are working with a new fatness technology for a thick and bright sound!
4 x Fine Tuning, 2 x Pulsewidth and 2 Knobs for the Sub OSC Levels, 2 Multimode Filters, switchable in 1,2,3- Stage LP,/HP 1,2,3 - and 1,2-Stage Moog Filters (with Resonance)Tunings for Cutoff and Resonance2 VCF ADSR and 2 VCA ADSR Envelopes, 2x Main Out, 2 LFO-Sections, tuneable in Rate and Depth; switchable into 3 Destinations: Filter Cutoff, Pulsewidth and OSC. 2 MOD-Secuencers, either with 16 Steps, tempo-synced, swithable in different Beats and 6 Destinations, Polymode, Mono-mode, Pitch Bend Range, Retrigger,Portamento, Delay, Flanger/Chorus and many, many more..

Charisma Light Vst
Charisma Light Vst

Charisma Light (Freeware Vst)

2 OSC - switchable into 7 waveforms - both working with a new fatness technology for a thick and bright sound, Controls for Octave, Fine Tune and Pulswidth, 2 seperate ASDR VCA Envelopes, 2 separate ADSR VCF Envelopes with a multimode filter each; cotrols for 8 switchable Filter Types: 1-2-3  Pole Low Pass, 1-2-3 Pole High Pass and 1-2 Pole Moog Filter with Resonance Control, Stereo-Effektsection with Delay and Chorus; Chorus (with Feedback working as Flanger); Delay is also switchable as tempo-synced, This Unit works in Real Stereo Technology; you can set different sounds on each channel!

(GUI-Design by A. Ortmann)

H.G. Fortune PCM-VSTi Synthesizer "The Tiger" Bildcolage by A. Ortmann

Midi Controller - Design Studie

Adjustment control pro black (3D-Design)

49 Keys with 11" Touch screen and 24 real potis


Update: 30.06.2013